Have a Fantastically Flowery Day!

Yes, flowery fruit! These are clementine flowers that I made a couple months ago- super easy, but quite lovely!
To make them, begin with a clementine. Without puncturing the fruit, cut the peelings into strips, beginning at the very top and ending about an inch from the bottom. I made eight strips, but it's up to you how many. I find that if they're too thin, they're liable to rip when you're bending them. Next, curl them in towards the fruit! Easy and really yummy! Happy Flowers!

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  1. You could make lots and stick barbecue sticks in them and have a bouquet!


Introducing... Charis Rae!

I'm so honored to be a part of Charis Rae's blog launch (a.k.a. Grace from The Girl Upstairs), and here it is!