Gifts Given to Glorify

God has given each of us gifts.

You beg to differ? Well, look deeper. God has given us each unique gifts - yes, others may have it (there's always some one better and always someone worse) as well, but it's unique to YOU because of God's plan on how He wants you to use your unique gift to His glory.
You may be academically gifted and really smart, you might be athletically gifted (I am DEFINITELY not!) and super sportsy, you might have an artistic gift and be wonderful in the arts, or you might have the gift of encouragement or possibly the gift of organization or leadership.
Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly...
Romans 12:8a
Now you might be asking, "So yeah, I have a gift. But I really and truly don't think I can use it for God's glory. Seriously."
I thought the same thing... last year.
You see, I found that I have a gift in serving, photography, and writing. I also have a passion for dolls and blogging.
Now, how might I use that for God's glory?
Yeah, writing might be easy - sure, I can glorify God in that... but hardly anyone saw my writing.
Photography... huh?
Dolls... wait, what?
Blogging... I don't think so.
But even if I didn't think so, God did. I had asked Him to give me a way to serve Him through my gifts and passions. And what did He give me?
Now I can use my photography, serving, love for dolls, blogging and more for Him!
My writing is now all on this blog (though it lacks in technical design!).
God is amazing!
Ask HIM how you can use your gifts for HIS glory - after all, it's only fitting since He has given them to us, we should give back!
~ Light4theLord
To God Be the Glory

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