Spring has Sprung!

Well, at least, it HAD sprung last week. Today it was in the high 20s.... Fahrenheit.
Insane. Anyways, spring comes with gorgeous flowers and baby goats!
Welcome to the farm. :)

And yes, the shadow is another goat...

Peek-a-boo! Are they not absolutely adorable?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?

Meet the baby goat twins, born exactly four weeks ago!

'Why, 'ello there! Are you looking at me?'
Ohmygoodness - this little guy was so, so, so, so, cute! The camera was literally d.e.a.d. It had this annoying little 'CHANGE THE BATTER PACK'. But, I prayed that I could get a picture of this adorable posing goat (he was literally WAITING for me to take this picture!), and God answered my prayer! As soon as little Mister Goat here took off, the camera totally died. And I mean, like, you couldn't even take another picture.

Which goat picture was your favorite?
How do you like the new design? I figured it was time to kinda announce my own little personal blog. I might blog some random stuff here and there, but mostly I'd like to share my photography, writing and the devos I've been writing. It's kinda fun to have a separate blog, other than my doll blog. It is rather time consuming though, to make sure 100D4100G stays updated. Oh well, it's fun!
~ Light4theLord


Introducing... Charis Rae!

I'm so honored to be a part of Charis Rae's blog launch (a.k.a. Grace from The Girl Upstairs), and here it is!