Here’s our second topic in this series: Community.

1.       Volunteer at a food pantry

2.       Participate in events

3.       Pick up trash in a park

4.       Sing or perform at a nursing home

5.       Create Helping Bags for the Homeless

a.       Be sure to include soap, candy bars, water bottles or granola bars, and other useful things

b.      You can always add a gift card to a restaurant!

6.       Create baskets with candy, cookies, a card, and flowers and leave it on someone’s doorstep

7.       Buy local things in the stores

8.       Pick a location from a phonebook randomly and send them an encouraging letter

9.       Drive-thru at a fast-food place and pay for the person behind you

10.   Leave some pocket-change and a verse on a vending machine


Serving in Our Homes

I was reading a devotional about how people are ranking others with ‘top-ten’ or ‘hall of fame’ or ‘most popular’ lists. ‘We tend to brush away those who are at our ‘feet’’, is a quote from this book. Anyways, I’m going to start a series on the Top-Ten Ways We Can Serve: First up, serving in our homes.


1.       Make an individual’s bed, complete with stuffed animals and bedding

2.       Do laundry

3.       Make dinner

4.       Dust

5.       Write a note to someone

6.       Clean the mirrors

7.       Take a dry-erase marker and write encouraging quotes or verses on the mirrors

8.       Help someone with their homework

9.       Rake the yard, or mow

10.   Set out food for birds


Hope you can do some of these things for a family member!


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