Day Three, it's finally here!

 It's another flower day, since I haven't uploaded my recent heart! Have an egg-cellent day!

For this flower, I merely cut a boiled egg in half, removed the yolk and add the yolk to some mayo that I whipped into cream and filled a plastic bag with to pipe with. The white part I did about like the clementine, being very careful to leave an untouched circle at the center that I piped the yolk and mayo into. I made a garden of them for a side for lunch one day and everyone loved them!

Have a Fantastically Flowery Day!

Yes, flowery fruit! These are clementine flowers that I made a couple months ago- super easy, but quite lovely!
To make them, begin with a clementine. Without puncturing the fruit, cut the peelings into strips, beginning at the very top and ending about an inch from the bottom. I made eight strips, but it's up to you how many. I find that if they're too thin, they're liable to rip when you're bending them. Next, curl them in towards the fruit! Easy and really yummy! Happy Flowers!


Wow! I know that time flies, but does it really have to go so fast? February is the month of love... Yes, hearts and flowers!  You'll be in for a surprise at some of them, and I'll show you how to make food creations, hand hearts and more! Enjoy today's, with all this cold weather wouldn't you love some sandy hearts? I was visiting good ole' Florida with a friend who helped me take this picture. Happy Hearts!

Introducing... Charis Rae!

I'm so honored to be a part of Charis Rae's blog launch (a.k.a. Grace from The Girl Upstairs), and here it is!