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Your Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet...

And a light unto my path. - Psalm 119:105
When there is darkness surrounding us, and we are prone to stumbling on our way, God's Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light to our path!
It's amazing to have Scripture memorized, especially during hard times.
I started doing the National Bible Bee in 2012, and the year that we didn't do it (2015), I really missed it. I love spending time in God's Word, and it really motivates me to memorize! It's so encouraging to make friends who also love God - I met Katie in 2014, and we're still friends - I'm so thankful for that and I'm really looking forward to chatting with her this afternoon! :D
The National Bible Bee registration opens on April 1st - it's amazing, and I've missed doing it! I'm praying that I'll be able to go with my family to Nationals this year!
So, over the summer, you study a Scripture passage and memorize verses. At the end of the summer, you can either go to locals and recite…


Me and my sister, making a heart with our hands - mine is the sandy one on the right! Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers {sisters} to dwell together in unity! - Psalm 133:1 - A friend loves at all times, and a brother {sister} is born for hard times. - Proverbs 17:17 - Be devoted to one another in brotherly {sisterly} love; give preference to one another in honor; - Romans 12:10 - 

The Insecurity of Today

Everyone, at one point in their life, has been (or is) insecure. It's sad, yes, but it's true. Ever since I was little, these verses have been instilled in me: For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very 4 well. - Psalm 139:13-14 - I am made in God's image (Genesis 1:26), and henceforth I am fearfully and wonderfully made. But... I especially struggled with insecurity a few years back. I'm homeschooled, yeah, but it doesn't mean I've never experienced cliques. I'm a Christian, yeah, but it doesn't make me immune to the hurt of cliques. I've been 'the odd one' for a while. There's a group, even at my church, who are definitely their own little clique. It's hard for me, because I'm different - waaaaay different. Evidently, I'm 'weird' for being a homeschooler, for being ahead i…

Not Seen, Not There

How many people have this misconception? Evidently, a lot. Little kids in hide-and-seek: Well, I don't see them hiding here. I guess they aren't here. I give up. Older kids: Well, I don't see the dirt and dust, so it's definitely not there and I don't have to clean it. Adults: I can't see God. He must not be there. The last one isn't just adults, I promise. Too many people have this idea, "If I can't see it, it's not there." It's hard to trust in something that our human eyes can't comprehend and can't acknowledge the presence. It's a natural response to a LOT of things to have to be able to see something before believing it. That's actually how poor 'Doubting' Thomas made his 'doubting' debut. So the other disciples were saying to him, "We have seen the Lord!" But he said to them, "Unless I see in HIs hands the imprint of the nails, and put my finger into the place of the nails, and put …

Prayers, Please!

There are several little (as in 6-11 year-old) kids in the neighborhood that I live in. I don't think any of them except maybe one knows Jesus. That's why I'm asking you to pray. Several of them have families who don't care a whiff about where they are. Those kids just roam the neighborhood. I would love it if you prayed for their salvation, and also that I'll be a light for the Lord to them. My brothers easily reach out to the boys, but the other girls are just lonely, bored, and they don't know Jesus. When I went out to play this afternoon, I brought some of my dolls - they loved it. I'd like to do a club this summer - maybe rollerblading/rollerskating or some other sport (even though I'm horribly un-athletic) so that in between, during snack break, I can tell them about Jesus. Most of them would probably shied at the thought of a Bible club, but I want to be a light in the world around me. So if you would please pray for my family and the kids aro…

Spring has Sprung!

Well, at least, it HAD sprung last week. Today it was in the high 20s.... Fahrenheit. Insane. Anyways, spring comes with gorgeous flowers and baby goats! Welcome to the farm. :)
And yes, the shadow is another goat...
Peek-a-boo! Are they not absolutely adorable?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?
Meet the baby goat twins, born exactly four weeks ago!

'Why, 'ello there! Are you looking at me?' Ohmygoodness - this little guy was so, so, so, so, cute! The camera was literally d.e.a.d. It had this annoying little 'CHANGE THE BATTER PACK'. But, I prayed that I could get a picture of this adorable posing goat (he was literally WAITING for me to take this picture!), and God answered my prayer! As soon as little Mister Goat here took off, the camera totally died. And I mean, like, you couldn't even take another picture.

Which goat picture was your favorite? How do you like the new design? I figured it was time to kinda announce my own little personal blog. I might blog some random s…

The Master Potter

The Master Potter
The Master Potter chose his lump carefully and examined it. He whistled as he worked, setting the clay delicately on the wheel. As he spun the wheel, fashioning a lovely earthen bowl, the Master Potter dreamed of the things his creation could do. Day after day, he had been laboring tirelessly over the clay lumps, turning them into vases and pots, dishes and toys. As the sun began to set over the mountains near the workshop, he finished another piece of pottery: a mug. When the Master at last locked the door to the pottery shop, it was dusk. He went home, tired and exhausted from the heat of the kiln and the spinning of the wheel.
The next morning, he sang to the birds outside his window as he ate, anticipating the workshop. He smiled, just imagining the scene he would encounter, for before he had returned home the evening before, he had plucked some yellow wildflowers and filled a vase of water for them. The Master Potter knew exactly what he was going to do that morn…

The Podium of Your Heart

Who has first place on the podium of your heart? Or should I say what has first place on the podium of your heart... Many of us say that God has first place in our lives, that He has first place in our hearts, in our minds, and in everything we do.... but does He? I know I question myself often on this subject. I wrote in the back of my Bible a while back: "Who/what is on your podium?" Above this question for pondering I sketched a little podium with a question mark on each place. To discover who/what really has first place on the podium of our lives, we have to find out first who/what qualifies for the podium in the first place. A few questions to ask yourself before immediately coming up with automatic answers like, "My family, God, friends" are these: - What/who do you spend the most time with/on? - To what/who does your mind wander to when you're bored? - What/who preoccupies your mind? - What/who do you dwell on? - What/who do you spend the most money on…

One of the Greatest Lessons Ever Learned

I've learned plenty of lessons in my life. One of the most important though, is the one I'll stress today:the lesson of learning how to be taught I'm sounding cryptic, aren't I? I'll explain One of the greatest lessons I've ever learned is how to be teachable. Being teachable means humbling yourself beneath another (often more knowledgeable) person. It means that you have to admit that you don't know what they do, and that you're willing to submit and listen to them - even if they're younger. It means that even if you don't feel like listening and heeding this instruction, you're still going to. It means that even when you don't want to be taught, or if you think you already know it, you're going to let the teacher... well, teach. That's hard for me. Even harder is when I think I should know something, and yet I don't. But if we're not willing to be taught (and sometimes broken so that we can be re-taught the right way) …

VOTD: John 16:33

These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world. John 16:33 

VOTD: John 14:27

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be dismayed. John 14:27 

Gifts Given to Glorify

God has given each of us gifts. You beg to differ? Well, look deeper. God has given us each unique gifts - yes, others may have it (there's always some one better and always someone worse) as well, but it's unique to YOU because of God's plan on how He wants you to use your unique gift to His glory. You may be academically gifted and really smart, you might be athletically gifted (I am DEFINITELY not!) and super sportsy, you might have an artistic gift and be wonderful in the arts, or you might have the gift of encouragement or possibly the gift of organization or leadership. Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly... Romans 12:8a Now you might be asking, "So yeah, I have a gift. But I really and truly don't think I can use it for God's glory. Seriously." I thought the same thing... last year. You see, I found that I have a gift in serving, photography, and writing. I also have a pass…

VOTD: John 14:1

Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. John 14:1 

Writing Tip #1 & My Writing Journey Update

Hey there! This is just a fun little update about writing, and my writing journey. Maybe you've noticed that I've been posting more often :) I am LOVING writing more often. I've finished several short stories and poems lately, as well as getting a lot accomplished in re-writing my books. I've also been participating in YWW - Young Writer's Workshop. It's hosted by Brett Harris and Jaquelle Crowe, both of which got published while in their teens. It's fantastic! I'm loving all that I'm learning. I found a couple of tips that help me write, and so I thought I might do a little series on them. :) I'm still debating on whether I should solely write my devos on this blog, or add to it to become my own personal blog. Anyways... Writing Tip #1 Develop Your Characters Obviously, this is a fiction writing tip. :) I've found that developing my characters not only makes it more exciting, it makes it easier and more accurate to write them. It annoys …

What a Friend

In life, we lose friends. They leave, they move, we lose contact.... except for one very special Friend... because... What a Friend we have in Jesus All our sins and grieves to bear And what a privilege to carry Everything to God in prayer.... Can we find a friend so faithful, Who will all our sorrows share? Jesus knows our every weakness Take it to the Lord in prayer - Joseph M. Scriven But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. - Proverbs 18:24b Even if our friends leave, or desert/ignore us, there's a Friend that will never leave our side. He is the one who is always there, always willing to listen, and is always there to comfort us. I really don't know how many times I've just poured out everything on my mind and heart to Jesus, and He comforts me. The song above, 'What a Friend We Have in Jesus' is so true - can we find anyone as faithful? Who will share our sorrows? He knows us better than anyone else in the whole universe - because He created us! Jesus k…

Applause of Our Audience

For am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10 The passage for today is short, but is pretty hard to live out. Several other cross-references to this verse will be added below, so don't worry, it's not just this one verse! I struggle with having a fear of disappointing people. I hate disappointing anyone. It's hard, because I'm two grades ahead, and lots of people have high expectations of me. I don't mind high expectations (I actually love setting high goals), but I sometimes am fearful of not fulfilling those expectations and disappointing that person. If we are seeking the favor of men, and striving to please men, we cannot be servants of God as well. No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth. Matthew 6:24 It is t…