Want to read some of my writing? Well, there are links to the short stories I've written below, along with some summaries for each one!
Mary, the Mother of Jesus
This Easter special is the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she watches the crucifixion, visits the tomb, and witnesses an incredible miracle.
Peter's POV
Peter - the one known for his doubting on the water and his denial of Jesus. But there was so much more to Him. After Christ's ascension, he boldly proclaimed the gospel to the ends of the earth, like he had been instructed to.
This story, also written for Easter of 2017, only tells the story from the beginning of Jesus' triumphal entry to the end of His ascension.... from Peter's POV. (and yes, I know it needs a better title)
Mary of Magdalene
Written as I was getting into character for the 2017 Easter Passion Play, this story is one told from the point of view of Mary Magdalene. Her story is one that deserves more than the mere words in this short story.
The Master Potter
The story you'll read when you encounter 'The Master Potter' is one of our own lives. How many times have we become discontent with who we are? Do we realize we are wonderfully made in the image of God? Told in a children's story, 'The Master Potter' is our story.
 Hands down the best fictional short story I've ever written, this tale is one of the adventure of two young spies with a few twists and turns here and there. Diamond, the protagonist, encounters another American spy when he rescues her from the grasp of the British. When she discovers one of his secrets, she realizes that his pain is like hers... one of a slave.

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