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If you have any questions for me to answer, feel free to email me at - I'm happy to help! If I don't know the answer to one of your questions about the Bible, I'll go to one of my mentors. Or, you can just comment below. I ask of you only one thing - please keep these clean. Please don't use crude language or God's name in vain, and don't ask inappropriate questions. Thanks!
~ Light4theLord
To God be the Glory!


  1. AHH L4TL YOUR NEW BLOG IS AMAZING! I can't believe I haven't visited it until now! You are so inspiring and wonderful and amazing and God is doing so many incredible things through you. I love love love how you bring glory to Him in everything you do -- SO awesome.

    Keep on being one of the most inspiring and amazing bloggers out there! ♥


    1. Aw, thank you! To God be the Glory!
      :) I'm so glad I'm being used, even in the small ways!
      ~ Light4theLord


Introducing... Charis Rae!

I'm so honored to be a part of Charis Rae's blog launch (a.k.a. Grace from The Girl Upstairs), and here it is!