Yay! I'm finally getting to participate in a BIBPC. :)
Here's my entry for the first round: FRUIT
So... the story.
I was completely and totally brain-tired from studying for the National Bible Bee. And... it had been raining all week, so I hadn't gotten my picture yet *yikes*. Also, my inside photography is literally THE WORST. So I knew we had a pear tree and some grape vines.... so I headed outside (wow, how obvious). And there were no grapes. *sigh* (And no, we don't have a kiwi tree. :D :D ) And the entire pear tree had absolutely no. pears. at. all..... until I stood there, trying not to get the camera wet, and stared up and found one. pear. left. YAY!
So there. :) I love the water droplet about to fall!
Yay! This is fun. :)
THEME: Circles
The solar eclipse was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
My story:
We traveled what seemed like forever to reach the 100% totality mark. It was so worth it! And yes, that's my picture. :)
We didn't bring out the camera until the corona, because people have been saying that it fries a lot of cameras that aren't made for direct sun. :) And then my dad was taking the pics and I was like, "Tatay (that's 'Dad' in his native language), can I take one super quick?" We were in a hurry, so I'm pretty sure this is one of the ones I took. They all look the same. :D :D :D I took several, so I'm 99.9% sure it's mine. :)
It was so amazing, and totally displayed God's majesty. And so there is my beautiful, perfect, amazing circle photo. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! :)
I am SO happy I got a picture of the gorgeous solar eclipse! :) :) :)
If this doesn't count as 'circles' just let me know!
 Even as an extra photo, does it get extra points for a story? :)
I'll tell you anyways... I was playing with money and happened to stack three rolled dollar bills with a quarter in between each and I thought it looked really cool. :)
 No story. Sorry. :) It's kinda self explanatory...
Theme: Books
Ohhh... books. I can't wait until the deadline so I can post more. :) I've got PLENTY of book photos. :)
Here's the story:
I love these books. They are literally life-changing - if you are a teen, these are ten must-reads. The Bible, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends, Generation Change, Be the Change (title not visible), not a fan, Do Hard Things, gods at war, Start Here, and God's Smuggler.
I arranged these books at sunset several months ago, intending it for a post about them (maybe I still will some day) but never got around to it. And I'm glad I didn't, 'cause I'm using it for this - and I'm kinda not allowed to use the camera anymore. I'm working on the National Bible Bee, so when I saw the theme, I was like "YAY! I can still do this!"
Theme: Celebration
So this was a setup that took hours and days to prepare. :) It's from a while back, and I've added three dolls since then. :)
It was a celebration for Elizabeth's birthday - complete with mini streamers, a birthday banner, balloons, party hats, cheery tablecloths, gifts, and a cake. :)
 This was a gift for my brother, who had an emoji themed party. Actually, I used the decorations from the party below!
 Yeah, this one. :) I did a mini doll party (emoji themed) right before my brother's emo themed party. #minim&ms
 Happy Birthday kinda sums it up, eh?
Theme: Fresh
 Yup, it's a fresh face.
You could take that several ways, if you'd like. :D I'm just hoping it counts. :D

THEME: Shadow or Reflection
Reflection of ballet shoes in the mirror.....
mini nail polish bottles in front of a mirror..
 This was a piece of chalk from the photostory I did on my doll blog in July. I really had fun because the entire time I got to play with chalk in the middle of the road. XD I also thought this looked kinda cool...... :)
 Terrible in comparison to everyone else's, but..... I had fun with it. :)

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