The Best Birthday

{random pic, I know. :D }
Either nine or ten years ago today, I made the biggest decision in my life - to receive the best gift ever.
It was the gift of salvation, the gift that God offers to each of us. It's up to us to accept it. :)
I accepted Jesus as my Savior at my grandparents' house while watching Mr. Donut Man (yes, I watched that!! :D ).
It was the best birthday ever. Since I was born again, it became my second birthday - my spiritual birthday!
We have a thing in our family where we celebrate the days when we were born into God's family. That's what I'll be doing today!
But really, I think that this past year has been a growth spurt for me - spiritually.
I started writing the little devos on here, and even if there were only six other people reading them, it taught me more than I think it probably meant to others.
I pray that this year I will impact the world for God even bigger and better than I ever dreamed!
So, when is your spiritual birthday? If you haven't been born into God's family, don't wait! It's the best family e.v.e.r. :)
~ Light4theLord
To God be the Glory


  1. That's really neat that your family celebrates your spiritual birthdays! Mine is in November of 2011 I think. :) I hope and pray that this will be a great year for you- in which you grow even closer to the Lord.


    1. That's neat! :D Thank you so much, Katie! I feel so blessed to call you my friend!


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