Truly That Was Grace

This piece that I wrote is just a rather crude telling of the point of view of the centurion.
I was a skeptic
An unbeliever
My heart was hardened
My life was broken.
I witnessed death
Like no other
I led my men
In killing another
 I found it my duty
To serve my country
No matter what
No matter the bounty
I had power
I had riches
Yet I had emptiness
And I was held by chains.
I had control
I had the best
But my conscience
Wouldn't let me rest. 
I had status
I had knowledge
But I had no freedom
From my guilt and shame.
At the first
I balked and shied
But now not a flinch
As the victims bled.
This was my life
I knew no other
I wish I could
But who would bother?
My life was wrenched
My heart was twisted
There was an empty trench
No one could fill.
Yet another crucifixion
I thought nothing of it
Until the man
Cried out in agony.
At that moment
When the sky grew dark
When the voice called out
When all else became stark.
It was then
That I realized
This man I was killing
Was not a criminal.
He was no criminal,
He was no sinner,
He was a King,
He held throne forever!
The mocking sign
Above His head
Read ‘King of Jews’
As He bled.
I stood before Him
He breathed His last
I saw His blood
As from here He passed.
I knelt in reverence
Removed my helmet
Exclaimed with authority
What I wished I had said before.
“Truly this man
Was the Son of God!”
He deserved a crown,
Not that of thorns.
He died for me
He took my place
I witnessed it
Truly that was grace.

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